Our African Wildlife #Photos


Hi, My Name is Savannah

My name is Savannah…. I have a passion for photography, any kind of photography, and love the thought of immortalizing moments or making memories.  I have a particular fondness for black and white photos and sepia images but work within the entire spectrum.

I do not Photoshop my pictures.  I prefer the natural raw authenticity of the pictures as captured by the lens – humans are not perfect and so the images therefore cannot be of perfect beings, creatures, scenery.  The images must be of emotions, expressions, beauty as seen with the naked eye – I want to take you on a journey with me INTO my pictures, and make you so very comfortable that you’d like to have your own portfolio of natural, uneffected images of your special occasion, your family, quirky moments,  – even your garden.

I’m busy building my website – it will be worth the wait!

I’m going to share my beautiful photographs with the world… and I invite you to accompany us on a tour of beautiful Africa – or even explore the beauty of your own local community, your beautiful self or your beautiful family….

I’m available for corporate functions, year-end parties, kids’ parties, sporting events, social media live updates and coverage and more within the KZN area….

You can contact me for a photo shoot or to purchase photos through the ‘contact us’ page…